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MESCO develops electronic hardware with sophisticated development tools and methods. Modular structures and the use of standard interfaces are state-of-the-art. Depending on product requirements, existing and proven Design Packages could be adopted.

The development methodology includes

  • Application of V-model: all elements in the process definition are customized and oriented to V-model with definite milestones and approvals
  • Top Down Design: The customer requirements are analysed and drawn up in a System Design Specification with bloc diagrams.
  • Teamwork and internal Design Reviews grants high quality and the most effective way to use synergy effects while preparation of a project. The comprehensive know-how of all staff members is available.
  • Worst Case Design: part tolerances, critical temperature coefficients, negative influences of parameters and environmental influences are calculated within the design.The state-of-the-art temperature range for an industrial product is –40°C ...85°C / -40..185°F.
  • Testable Design: All phases of the development process includes verification procedures to meet specification and to test the product later on in manufacturing. During the development phase a detailed test specification for the prototypes will be drawn up. Testing equipment and conditions are fixed in reproducible documentation.
  • Comprehensive documentation of all development steps