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Embedded Software Development

Today, Microcontroller with 8-,16- or 32-Bit periphery meets the standard for intelligent products in Measurement- and Automation technology. High performance CPU and memory with small footprint enable the realization of such sophisticated applications.

Somebody who needs to develop software for complex, timing-critical applications with few memory space has to have expert´s Kow-how in electronics.

MESCO combines both:

  • Long lasting experience in the field of Measurement- and Automation technology
  • Special know-how to develop firmware efficiently, modularly and maintainable
  • Firmware implementations with optimal utilization of available hardware and CPU resources
  • Applying newest development environments and technologies
  • High quality of software development by using application oriented methods, scaleable standards for quality assurance and test definitions
  • Adoption of customer specific coding standards
  • Transparent development structure with detailed documentation in source code and structur chart