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Design Package Safe Fieldbus Wrapper IP

Design Package for a safe communication
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Architecture of Safe Fieldbus Wrapper

The Safe Fieldbus Wrapper IP Design Package is a Safety-relevant software library, which represents a generic communication interface between secure, Ethernet-based fieldbus stacks and the safe device software.

Safe Software Libary as a communication interface

Safety-related software and hardware require a certain safety integrity level. To achieve SIL3 typically 2 MCUs with mutual synchronization and monitoring are used (1-out-of-2-Architecture / 1oo2).

The Safety Fieldbus Wrapper IP Design Package allows the communication between application and various safe fieldbuses.

The specific, secure fieldbus data is converted to an abstraction layer. Thus, different safety stacks can be implemented without changing the interface to the software device application.

This is of great advantage especially in multi-protocol implementations of Ethernet-based fieldbuses, e.g.

  • PROFIsafe
  • FSoE
  • CC-Link IE Safety 

The library can be used for safety projects up to SIL3.

Safe Fieldbus Wrapper Layer Overview

Your Benefit

  • Design Package directly useable in SIL3 related projects
  • Reduced development risk through reuse
  • Saving on development by using proven architecture
  • Cost and risk reduction of the project
  • Shorter time-to-market through effort reduction
  • Easier product certification due to IEC based documentation
Technical Description

The Safe Fieldbus Wrapper IP Design Package mainly provides

  • Easy solution to integrate different safe fieldbus stacks into your project
  • Ready to use handling of stack specific application integration
  • Packing/unpacking of application data to/from a black channel
Delivery Content
  • SW design description (Polarion)
  • Source code (IEC 61508 compliant, C99 MISRA-C 2012)
  • Test documentation: test cases and test reports (Tessy)
  • Code documentation (Doxygen)
  • Static code analysis results (PC Lint)
  • All documentation according to IEC 61508 standards
Software and hardware requirements
  • 3rd party (safety) stack - PROFIsafe
  • Failure Handler (Interface)
  • CrossCom (library / module)
  • Scheduler
  • Util Package
  • Designed and optimized for STM 32-Bit microcontroller


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